1. Severe Scab Infection Did Occur 31 March to 1 April in and Central VA (Tyro, Rustburg) and Southern VA; 2. here is Still time to Apply Kick-back Fungicides

The apple scab infection predicted 31 March to 1 April was actually severe in Rustburg and Tyro, and we assume in near by locations as well as in whole south Virginia (e.g. in Bristol and others). The weather forecast did change from the time we posted the blog on March 30, 2023, 1. POSSIBLE APPLE SCAB INFECTION PREDICTED FOR RAINS 31 MARCH – 1 APRIL; 2. FIRE BLIGHT LOW TO NO RISK FOR INFECTIONS; 3. DO YOU SEE ORANGE JUNIPER RUST GALLS ON CEDARS? These instabilities in National Weather Forecast are unfortunately a problem in early spring. There is still time to apply a kick-back material like Vangard (3 oz/A), or Scala (5 fl oz/A), or Luna Tranquility (12 fl oz/A) with mancozeb (3 lb/A) after this past block of rainy weather toi whipe out any infections starting on later afternoon 31 March. The other option is Inspire Super which contains an SI (DMI) in combination with Vangard and would be excellent choices the DMI fungicide will kick-back up to 96 h after the infection started on the 31 March. Use one of these options only if you did not apply an effective fungicide before the rains 31 March – 1 April (an emergency).

The above recommended AP fungicides work well in the periods with swings in cool and warm weather in spring like now and can be applied before or up to 72 hr after the time when rain event began which triggered the scab infection (kick-back activity), however, use the kick-back mode of activity only in an emergency i.e. if you know you did not have any fungicide applied before this infection. Vangard (3 oz/A), Scala (5 fl oz/A), or Luna Tranquility (12 fl oz/A) with mancozeb (3 lb/A) should be applied last time at Tight Cluster as they are not effective for juniper rusts but that is why you are adding mancozeb. This multi-site contact fungicide will wipe out any rare early rust infections at Tight Cluster, but plant to apply DMI fungicides (Group 3) at Pink bud stage for rust if galls on nearby cedars open.